Lips like a baby ?

Hey people! This week was so busy, I had a lot of tests and I wanted to made them good, so I studied very well. I started my week with 3 tests and on tuesday I celebrated 'Sinterklaas'. A typical thing that happened on 5 december. I celebrated this with my parents, brother and another family! We drawed lots and then you made a poem for that person and bought some things around the 10 euro. I got some nice presents but the best was actually the Baby Lips from Maybelline. This lipbutter was still on my wishlist so this was perfect! I didn't know what made this one different from all the other lipbutters, but now I understand it. I got the yellow one called 'Repair'. This one has a cherry/amandel taste and all of these Baby Lips got a protective SPF so that's another asset to buy one of these lipbutters! I am definitely planning to buy more, but for now one is enough. Have you already bought one of these Baby Lips? And what is your opinion ?  Loves ♥


  1. Oh dit lijkt me zo lekker, moet ik ook echt een keer gaan uittesten! X

  2. Anonymous5.3.14

    Oeh ik vind BabyLips echt ontzettend fijn! Ik heb zelf de blauwe 'Hydrate'.