Hi December

 Bron photo : We heart it
Hi lovelies! Long time ago.. It's the first of december, and that means : snow, Christmas, and almost new year. This month will close this year; 2013. A year with ups and downs , I went to a new school, went to Italy , went 16 and a lot of other things happend. Today my mom went 47, so another reason to start this month good. I think this is one of the most fun months of the year. The sphere is so good and lovely. A cold but cosy month, sweather weather and hot chocolate. Normally I don't love those cold days, but when you're gonna think about the good things, this month isn't that bad at all! Now, i am gonna do something for school because weekend is over, and that means monday...
                                                      See ya soon! 



  1. Mooie foto!
    Warme chocolademelk en sweaters zijn eigenlijk altijd gewoon fijn. <3

  2. wat een mooie foto! :)

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