One week in my life #2

Hey! A new month , the second week and a new diary from my Instagram account : http://instagram.com/sophievbalen  Let's have a look !

My mommy went 47. This was on her wedding day with my dad, who you can see on the left. ♥Little bit crazy haha.. Before the hockeymatch with some teammates. We won this game with 3-0.
With Jessie at school ♥

 Got glasses because I didn't see the blackbord very well.. But I think they aren't so dump than I thought! 

Quote time... Got so many plans to do for later ! Travelling, making my life perfect and more blogging! I am going to make a little list what I want to do in 2014. I am gonna write a article about it, so stay tuned! 
Throwback to paradise in Thailand. I went here in 2010, and it was so beautiful here.. I want back!
Selfietime (;


  1. Die trouwfoto is zo tof!
    Ik ben benieuwd hoe een bril staat haha, het is in ieder geval een leuk model. (:

  2. Great photos! I guess you had a great time :D
    Kisses from Poland! :*