Ijhallen Amsterdam

 Hi readers! Yesterday I went with my friend Britt to the Ijhallen. Her mother was selling some stuff, so I thought it was nice to take a look at the Ijhallen. I went here before, but this time I came with some stuff to sell. I took my camera with me, but I didn't make much photos. These shoes, which I bought them about a year ago, are coming back because I see them everywhere. Haha! It is by the way time to clean them a bit, because they are a bit dirty... Today wasn't a busy day, but at the end of the week I have some tests, so I speak you later! Have a nice day, Loves xx


  1. Heb je verder nog iets gekocht? Ik ben heel benieuwd, ik vind de IJ-Hallen namelijk één groot kledingfeest ;D

    1. Ik heb alleen dingen verkocht! Helaas niets gekocht.. Liefs