10 random facts about me

Hi guys! Today I have a personal post. Actually, I never do this, but I thought it was nice to make a personal post, so here it is. It's a little bit different than the other posts, but I hope you will like it! Let me know!! Loves 
1 I am 16 summers young, and I live in the Netherlands. 
2 I lived in London, when I was 2/3 years old. Now I live in a village near by Haarlem, a city in Holland. Later, I want to visit my old house, I never turned back there. 
3 In the may, I am going to NEW YORK. I am so excited about this! 
4 I love to going out with my friends. 
5 On school we learn French and English. Last year on my other school I also did Spanish lessons, but unfortunately on this school there isn't Spanish. 

The countries I really want to visit at some point in the future are Japan, India and America. 
7 When I have done my school, I am thinking about travel the world in my own.
8 I am a little bit addicted to Instagram. You can find my account here

9 Since a few weeks, I am going to the gym and now I am sporting with hockey 5 times each week. 
10 I love to make blogposts, it gives me energy for the whole day! 


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  1. Leuke post, wat tof dat je naar New York gaat! :)